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Read first-hand why Joe's clients have chosen him as their realtor for life.


Joe Kertesz served as my real-estate agent during a recent home purchase.  I have always been of the belief the level of “service” separates the good from the mediocre, and the great from the good in a world where every product and service is just a key stroke away.  Without question, the level of service provided by Joe Kertesz was great, and is unparalleled in the real-estate industry!  His knowledge of every detail and nuance of the business made me extremely confident we would find a home that met our needs, and that we would not be taken advantage of.

As we set out to look for homes, Joe was very responsive.  He asked us numerous questions reference what the qualifications for our new home were.  Within 24 hours we were receiving emails of listings within our identified geographic boundaries.  Once we were ready to view houses, Joe was always available to show us the homes we were interested in.  Due to all of the work that went into the front end of narrowing our searches, we were able to find the perfect home within a few weeks.

During the negotiations process, Joe was very aggressive in ensuring we got the best price, and that the price was commensurate with other like properties in the area.  Joe somehow accomplished this without being over-zealous and ruining the negotiations process.  I believe he was so successful in this process as a result of his extensive knowledge in real-estate law, knowledge of the market, experience and his exceptional communications skills.

Working with Joe was literally a one stop shop.  As we progressed through the purchasing process, he routinely addressed every concern immediately, and even contacted a list of his own contractors to assist us with post move-in items that we identified.  The only thing we had to worry about during our home buying process was how we would decorate the house once we were in!

I highly recommend Joe Kertesz for all of your real-estate needs! His philosophy of putting the customer first, and his exemplary application of knowledge and experience in ensuring no detail is missed should be a template for all in the real-estate business.– Sincerely,
Darren Viner


I chose Joe Kertesz as my realtor because I know Joe personally. I’ve long been familiar with his initiative, his intelligence, and his commitment to others. Even with my previous high expectations, I was thoroughly impressed by Joe’s knowledge and skill in selling my home.

After offering solid assistance in preparing my home for market, he listed it on a Thursday evening. By Sunday night, I’d accepted an offer that exceeded my expectations.

With Joe’s help, the sale closed within three weeks. I received my target net proceeds, had a stress-free transaction, and was confident at each step that Joe would resolve any potential speed-bumps. I don’t use the word “talent” lightly — but there’s no doubt that Joe is naturally talented at the negotiations and insight necessary to excel in the competitive world of real estate.– MJ Miller, New River, AZ


Thank you Joe for all your hard work!!!!!

Selling our home and finding a new house was a terrifying thought for us as we prepared to move. Joe was able to help from the very first contact, always providing good information and keeping our nervous energy to a minimum.

When selling or purchasing a house in the past we have always felt like we were a bother to our realtor and never really felt listened to. With Joe we always felt like he was listening and took our opinion to heart when helping us through the process.

Joe came to our house to give us an overall plan for selling our house. His expertise was very useful when deciding which items to repair or improve to prepare our house for market. With his knowledge we did not waste our time or money improving things that would not improve the value or chances of selling our house. Our house sold within two days and sold for the price we were looking for.

Now the race was on for finding our next home. We had to complete the sale of our current home be fore we could close on the new house. Joe understood the requirements of the VA and was willing to help us through the, at times difficult, process. Joe was able to work with the buyer’s agent of our house to allow us to rent back our house for a month to give us the time we needed to get through to close on our new home (something we had never would have thought of).

When searching for our new home Joe took our criteria and was able to provide us with houses that we truly wanted to view. Joe understands the process of looking at homes. It is not just about numbers but about how we feel when pulling up to the house, opening the door and walking around. Joe did not try to push his ideas of what a house needed nor did he try to lead us through the house. He gave us the space we needed and was knowledgeable when we had questions regarding the house or the area around the particular home. Joe was able to provide all the information we needed to make the difficult decision of a new home purchase.

Joe is a very special realtor with a very caring heart; he is willing to go that extra mile to help customers with any challenges. He is able to work effectively when dealing with other agents and provided the personality that is pleasant to work with. This allowed us to get the best deal on both our old and new home.

Thank you Joe,– Adam and Rebecca


If you’ve ever had to buy or sell a home you know what a complicated and stressful process this can be. When it came time to sell my mothers home I knew I needed someone who I trusted completely to look out for our interests in the process. This was even more important because I was out of town. I had worked with Joe for years and had first hand experience of his high standards, integrity, and strong work ethic.

What a delight he was. He fully explained the process, was always available for questions and he kept us fully informed along the way. He marketed the house beautifully, and helped us coordinate the inspection of the air conditioning system. When the offers came in, he helped us negotiate the sale and closing. In short, he made a stressful process painless.

I can’t say enough good things about Joe Kertesz. If you need a good realtor, look no further…you won’t be sorry.– Sincerely written…
Dee and Ginnie


Joe helped us sell our home of 16 years. He was invaluable in the preparation and listing process and after a short time on market we had an offer at almost full price.

The buyer balked during the inspection over some planter boxes and personal preference items. Assuming we wouldn’t remedy, they sent a cancellation. Joe researched the cost to remedy the items, consulted with us and reached out to the buyers agent.

He was able to revive the deal almost immediately. He stayed ahead of the curve every step of the way with the lender, appraiser (providing extensive materials to the appraiser to ensure an accurate valuation) and inspectors, communicating with us constantly.

I’ve bought and sold other homes and I have not experienced this level of planning and detail before. My wife and I do not believe this sale would have happened without Joe’s persistence, ability to anticipate potential issues and his extensive connections and knowledge base.

Joe was a fantastic agent and I would use him again for sure!– Eugene and Stacy

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