What Makes My Services Unique?

As an experienced agent committed to each client’s
individual situation, my specialty is you.

I specialize in representing residential home buyers and sellers in a variety of valley markets.  I have been involved in the residential property market as a buyer, seller, investor and property manager for over 17 years and have honed my expertise in marketing, management, community development, negotiations and property rehabilitation. As a resident of the Scottsdale / east valley area since 1979, I understand the unique nature of the valley’s residential market. I strive to anticipate the needs of both buyer and seller and offer the personal, committed service to my residential clients that I sought as an investor and home-owner, including detailed property analysis, responsiveness, and — above all — listening to my client’s needs. I look forward to offering you professionalism and initiative that you can rely on.

A distinguished career of 20 plus years in local law enforcement are testament to my commitment to service and our community. Administrative experience has afforded me the opportunity to manage budgets, gain negotiations and interpersonal communications skills, and exercise leadership in a variety of dynamic situations and assignments. I am a Certified Negotiations Expert and have certifications in various other interview disciplines. Continuing education is important to me and I maintain a rigorous real estate training and mentoring program with new agents and my investors. Lengthy experience in working with community groups, a diverse public, and various departments in municipal government have proven beneficial in understanding community needs, challenges and structure. I credit years of city service for providing a solid ethical and service-oriented approach to my work and for instilling in me the importance of listening to my clients and following through on their needs.

I take my responsibility to you seriously and I look forward to discussing how I can help with your real estate needs.

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